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Welcome to Meet Me There Events. Your one stop calendar for fun and exciting events. We plan, organize and host a combination of Networking and social events. Something for everyone. Below you will see a sample calendar of past and upcoming events. We are always updating our events calendar with new, fun and exciting things to do as a group. 

At our events, there is always a host for you to check in with. Our host will go out of their way to make your participation as enjoyable as possible.

So feel free to take a look around. Please remember, for complete event details, membership is required. Thanks for visiting and join now so you can start having more fun today!

Know Where the Fun is in New York City

Looking for fun things to do in New York City? Meet Me There Events is exactly where you should be. With activities ranging from roller skating to beach parties, our calendar has plenty of excitement for you. Have a look!

Upcoming events

    • 19 Feb 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
    • Your house. Webinar On a day and time that works for you

    FOCUS GROUP. We need your input and ideas. Can you spare 20 minutes? In return for your time you will be  given a FREE VIP membership. See what VIPs get here. Please read details. This is not the actual date but, just a posting. 

    This is done as a live webinar and can be done any time or day that works for you. From the convenience of your home. We schedule a day and time and then I e-mail you instructions. So, RSVP'ing is a two step process. RSVP here and then e-mail me so we can set up a time.

    For the last several years I have been planning and hosting networking & social events. I've been following a series of steps that were planned in advance, so I could bring it to a national stage. No. not an MLM or need you to buy anything. I will simply be talking about the direction and plan for Meet Me There Events and how to better plan our events and attract more attendees.

    Before I do that, I will be hosting several focus groups to achieve the following:

    Gain input and advice you may have to offer.Adjust what works and doesn't work in marketing our events

    Ask a series of questions to help better understand what events and and marketing ideas are effective or not

    Get constructive feedback on how effective this presentation is and did it clearly express the business objectives.

    Network with those of you who may be able to bring something to the table.

    Learn from your input so I may adjust our planning methods, types of events that work best and adapt to any great new ideas you may have.

    The presentation is about 20 minutes long. I will also show you some marketing material and concepts to get feedback.

    Some of the questions and marketing concepts will be sent to you in advance.

    • 22 Feb 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Location available to members only

    Another free event for members.

    Something new. Something different. We all know how hard it is to make new friends. Especially ones you click with. Have you ever wished that you had a wingman or wingwoman to go the movies, hit the beach, try that new restaurant or maybe hit a club? Of course you did. Like most of us there's probably been plenty of times you would have done something if only you had a friend to do it with. So join us for Speed Friending.

    Speed friending is a great way to meet new friends, potential contacts and network. Plus, this really helps you perfect your conversation skills. Just like speed networking, every couple of minutes you rotate for a five minute meeting with someone new. 

    After, we'll enjoy a get to know each other picnic.

    This event only available to members

    • 22 Feb 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Only shown to members

    Let's hit a local eatery for "Rotating Dinner/Lunch. Meet new friends". A great way to network, make new friends and get out of the house for a few hours. Also the chance to try restaurants you haven't been to yet. Event will last about three hours. First we'll meet for a meet and greet and then enjoy dinner followed by drinks and conversation

    How Rotating dinner/lunch works.

    Satisfy your appetite to meet fun new people with our famous Rotating Group Dinners. First enjoy casual conversations as you are randomly seated at the table for our group dinner. After each course of the meal you will be randomly directed to a new seat! It is a fun way to meet others in the group as you wind up sitting with different combinations of people throughout the dinner. It is fun, goofy and very effective at creating great connections. Trust me. It's a lot more fun once you get past your initial inhibitions. Be brave! Try it, you'll like it

    The date and details may not reflect the actual event. That information is only accessible to members. To view event details and to view a complete calendar of events, membership is required.

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Past events

16 Feb 2020 Indoor. Co-ed Cardio Soccer kick around. Just for fun
15 Feb 2020 Grand Central History Tour and Happy Hour
08 Feb 2020 Private Indoor Skydiving Session with Class
07 Feb 2020 Learn to salsa party.
06 Feb 2020 Bowling night social mixer and best shirt contest
04 Feb 2020 Cocktails & conversations. Networking & socializing. Boynton beach
02 Feb 2020 Sunday night meet and greet.
01 Feb 2020 Let's talk. The friends forum
30 Jan 2020 Wine tasting social mixer
29 Jan 2020 Business partners & Co-Founders needed. Please read all the details
21 Jan 2020 Movie and conversation
18 Jan 2020 Urban bike ride/roller skating get together.
15 Jan 2020 Dinner with friends
04 Jan 2020 Rotating Lunch. Meet new friends
11 Dec 2019 Face to Face Speed Networking.
05 Dec 2019 After work networking & social mixer
22 Nov 2019 Friday night dance party/Member Meet & greet.
06 Nov 2019 After work Power Networking NYC
29 Oct 2019 Exclusive Power networking. Red carpet event
27 Oct 2019 Hockey! New York Rangers
25 Oct 2019 Scavenger Hunt Express (1 hour) Win $150
13 Oct 2019 Rooftop Sunday Fun-day Party (Drink Specials, Ice Breakers, & More!
05 Oct 2019 Introduction to Bouldering
03 Oct 2019 Stand up Speed Networking
25 Sep 2019 Bowling night social mixer. Just for fun!
15 Sep 2019 Central Park tour and picnic
14 Sep 2019 Sunset Yacht cruise
31 Jul 2019 Investing in a startup. Rewarding without doing the work. Webinar, get a free VIP membership
20 Jun 2019 Sample: Wine tasting social mixer
12 May 2019 Sample: Let's talk. The friends forum
03 Jan 2019 Sample: Networking dinner. A free networking event
29 Dec 2018 Sample: The, " I need a wingman/woman" ice breaker
10 Jul 2018 Abandon your website now. For business to survive. watch video
02 Jun 2018 Rotating Lunch. Meet new friends
27 Apr 2018 Sample: Scavenger Hunt. A meet & mingle mixer.
15 Mar 2018 Sample: Bowling night social mixer and best shirt contest
10 Mar 2018 Speed Friending in the park
23 Jan 2018 Funding and small business loans
08 Dec 2017 The, " I need a wingman/woman" ice breaker
05 Nov 2017 Sample: Co-ed Cardio Soccer kick around. Just for fun
26 Apr 2017 Sample: Exclusive Power networking. Red carpet event
26 Oct 2016 Sample: Movie and conversation
25 Oct 2016 Sample: The, " I need a wingman/woman" ice breaker
21 Oct 2016 Sample: Sexy Social mixer and Scavenger hunt. FREE VIP event.
12 Dec 2015 Sample: Let's talk. The friends forum
12 Sep 2015 Punta Cana group get away
03 Sep 2014 Facebook Marketing secrets webinar
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