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Do The Salsa!

02 Jan 2016 2:09 AM | Anonymous

What’s Latin American, classy, and downright sexy? No, we’re not talking about Salma Hayek – it’s SALSA! This popular dance style evolved from several different dance forms like the Mambo, and Cha-Cha-Cha, and before long took over the world as one of the most fun and enjoyable dance styles there is. If you’ve ever been tempted to learn salsa, we give you 6 reasons why you definitely should do that!

You Get To Make New Friends

Salsa has evolved as a social happening and thus provides a great chance to meet new people. Since in most lessons, you are required to frequently switch your partners, it also acts as an ideal ice breaker. Win-win! You make new friends and learn a fantastic dance form too!

Gym is Boring, Salsa Isn’t

Doing the salsa requires you to move around continuously. Imagine an hour of dancing and you burn up to 500 calories! It’s a proper workout, that helps strengthen muscles, tone down your body, and it is an absolute enjoyment!

No More Awkward Silences

Don’t have anything to talk about? Discuss your salsa experience. Get to know about the origin and history of the dance, inform people about it. And if they are sport enough, maybe you could give them a beginners’ lesson too.

Salsa Can Make You Happy

If you are looking for a healthy and fun way to brighten up your days, there is no better thing than salsa. Join a salsa class, and you will be surrounded by happy people, who love to smile and make you smile too!

Salsa Music Is Uplifting

The music is upbeat and cheerful. It will lift your mood, and make you want to sway to it. Well we’re not claiming that all of the music out there is great; there’s obviously some we can’t bother to listen twice. But the good ones will always make you feel better!

Move for Coordination

For people who feel they have terrible limb coordination, salsa is the perfect solution! A few weeks of grooving to the salsa tunes, and you will notice a sense of grace in your movements. 

Next time you look for fun things to do in South Florida, grab a partner, and join the salsa classes with us! Don’t have a partner? No problem, you’d sure make new friends in South Florida at Meet Me There Events.  Call us today at 561-336-0474; or keep a check on our event calendar for the next scheduled events. 


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