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10 Apr 2011 11:39 AM | Anonymous
So Question?
How Many people on your facebook do you actually know?
Out of the ones you don't know, how many of them have become actual friends that you hang out with?

Facebook was created to stay connected with friends and family, and for businesses to promote themselves but, its not really a tool used to make real friends. At Meet Me There Events, I have made real connections, and friendships! With really nice people that are fun, loyal and care about others, and, I didn't have to meet them with a creepy message that said...

  • Hey your hot!
  • sexy!
  • beautiful!
  • wanna meet up sometime for Coffee?
  • I think we should be friends cuz we have the same interest in music.
  • we would make sexy looking kids together...
  • that's funny I love pugs!!!
  • whats your sign?
  • Hey bro! you wanna work out sometime?
  • I love girls... guess that makes me a lesbian...
  • M4W - with HUGE strings attached... Kinda...
You sign up for an event, there is no anxiety, no pressure, every one is nice, every one is welcoming, and if you go to a special event, like tennis, horse back riding, rock climbing, paint ball, Treasure hunting...  you already have a common interest. It's very easy to strike up a conversation, and that is how you make friends! I have seen girls/guys become the best of friends, going out to movies, other MMT events, working out together, help each other move, favors for one another, boost there cars, give rides home, shoulders to cry on, and much more!!!

Its safe to say the friends/connections you make here are better than any site I have been on either friends sites, or dating sites...

Would love to hear from Members that feel the same way!


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