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Let's network! Join other professionals for a variety of networking opportunities.
"Face to face speed networking". "After work networking social". "Speed impressions". "Power networking, meet all attendees". "Lunch & idea exchange".

Check back often as our calendar is updated frequently. There is no membership required to attend our business networking events. Unless you choose to become a VIP. VIPs attend all our paid events for FREE or at a discount. Many of our networking events are free and are rotated throughout all three South Florida counties.

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With the Meet Me Here Events’ South Florida events calendar, never miss a weekend event happening in South Florida again. Join us in the countless South Florida networking events and cash in on the various networking opportunities there. Build your professional networks without compromising on the fun. Check the calendar now!

Upcoming events

    • 29 Mar 2017
    • 10:00 AM
    • 30 Mar 2017
    • 10:00 PM
    • Your house. Webinar

    I need your input. can you spare 20 minutes? In return for your time you will be  given a FREE VIP membership. Please read details. This is not the actual date but, just a posting. 

    This is done as a live webinar and can be done any time or day that works for you. From the convenience of your home. We schedule a day and time and then I e-mail you instructions. So, RSVP'ing is a two step process. RSVP here and then e-mail me so we can set up a time.

    For the last two years I have been working on and building a business. I've been following a series of steps that were planned in advance, so I could bring it to a national stage.

    Before I do that, I will be hosting several focus groups to achieve the following:

    Gain input and advice you may have to offer.

    Get constructive feedback on how effective this presentation is and did it clearly express the business objectives.

    Network with those of you who may be able to bring something to the table.

    Learn from your input so I may adjust the presentation and adapt to any great new ideas

    The presentation is about 15 minutes long. There, I will show in detail the concept, the current revenue and how I plan to proceed. I will also show you some marketing material and concepts to get feedback.

    I will then open it up to a brief Q & A and ask you to answer several really simple questions on a questionnaire. 

    • 30 Mar 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Meet Me There Evets

    Let's hit a local eatery for "Dinner with friends". A great way to network, make new friends and get out of the house for a few hours. Also the chance to try restaurants you haven't been to yet. Event will last about three hours. First we'll meet for a meet and greet and then enjoy dinner followed drinks and conversation.

    This is a sample of one of the many events we host. The date and details may not reflect the actual event. That information is only accessible to members. To view event details and to view a complete calendar of events, membership is required.

    To view event details, become a member here

    This event only available to members

    • 31 Mar 2017
    • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Meet Me There Events

    Join the group as we hit the Improv for a night of comedy. After  we'll get to know each other at a local watering hole

    To view event details, become a member here

    This event only available to members

    • 04 Apr 2017
    • 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    • Meet Me There Events members

    For members only. Check out our membership sale here

    PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS. This is not an event.Therefore, no location. You must be a member to participate

    It will stay on the calendar for informational purposes only. Then when one is scheduled it will be separate with a time and location.

    Something new. Something different. We all know how hard it is to make new friends. Especially ones you click with. Have you ever wished that you had a wingman or wingwoman to go the movies, hit the beach, try that new restaurant or maybe hit a club? Of course you did. Like most of us there's probably been plenty of times you would have done something if only you had a friend to do it with. So I propose a group of friends that regularly meet so that they can find new friends. Here's how it will work.

    There will be regularly scheduled ice breaker get togethers. Only those who attend will be allowed to become a verified wingman/woman. Then, at those events, it's up to you to meet and greet and find those who you click with. If you do, great! You can exchange contact info and so it goes. Those events will be casual in nature and I will make sure everyone gets an opportunity to meet all attendees.

    Some guidelines:

    Do not mistake this as an opportunity to try and secretly date someone. THIS IS NOT FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR A DATE!! You will be found out and once members report back to me that you did, you will be removed. We expect all to act maturely, responsible and with good social graces. This should be considered a unisex opportunity. It does not matter who you click with. Male or female. You decide.

    Do not e-mail those who have been verified and try to get them to join you with becoming verified. Doing so will get you removed from the group. I expect all verified members to let me know who is breaking the rules.

    Once you have attended your first Ice breaker, I will add you to a yes on this page and indicate under your name as such. V-WM or V-WW. Short for verified wingman/woman. I will also indicate in which county you reside. That is why I will keep the RSVPs closed and only I will be able to add those who attend our ice breaker events. I will do my best to schedule them fairly regularly in all three counties. Palm Beach, Broward and Dade. But, like all our events, it requires your participation. The magic number we always try to hit is about ten.

    This group will be our members only. If you wish to bring guest, they must first join our group.

    These ice breaker events will be FREE to all VIPs.

    There will be a smalll charge to attend if you are not.

    So, nothing venture nothing gained. This is an experiment but I think it can be a great opportunity for our members to make new connections in a comfortable, safe and relaxed environment.

    If you have any feed back or ideas on how to make this better, please e-mail me

    • 08 Apr 2017
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Location shown to members

    This is a member only event, Check out our membership sale here

    Just for fun. Learn to play volleyball. We've arranged for an instructor to come and give us the basics. Learn the fundamentals, get some cardio and meet some really friendly people. Your fellow members. After the 1 hour instruction, we'll play for fun and get to know each other. Followed by some snacks and rum punch. All included with the instruction

    This event only available to members

    • 19 Apr 2017
    • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Blue Martini Boca 6000 Glades Road (Town Center Mall), Boca Raton, FL

    Remider: No membership required to attedn this event. This event is FREE for VIP members and two guests. Check out our membership sale here. Expires march 30th

    Our events are promoted in a variety of ways and in several locations. So the number of RSVPs will not give you an accurate count. Don't be shy. Join us!

    PLEASE ONLY RSVP IF YOU ARE 100% GOING TO ATTEND. This really helps us plan.

    After work networking & social mixer

    Meet, mingle and network. Here you will have an opportunity to mix and mingle with all attendees. A great way to make new connections, gather new ideas and make new friends.

    Cost: $10 until April 5th. $15 until April 18, then $20. FREE for VIP members and two guests!
    Plus all attendees will be entered in a free raffle.

    Check out pictures from the last one here

    PLEASE ONLY RSVP IF YOU ARE 100% GOING TO ATTEND. This really helps us plan.

    Thank you

    Hi, I'm Adrian look for me. Be sure to check your e-mail  and spam filter for meeting instructions

    * IMPORTANT! If you are planning to attend, you will be required to respond to the confirmation/meeting instructions e-mail 24 hours prior. You must be pre-registered. Do not just show up. PLEASE do not RSVP yes unless you are 110% able to attend.

Past events

26 Mar 2017 Sample: Flying Trapeze Class
24 Mar 2017 Sample: Scavenger Hunt Express (1 hour) Win $150
23 Mar 2017 Sample: Roller Skating! Flashback Thursdays
21 Mar 2017 Sample: Bowling night social mixer and best shirt contest
19 Mar 2017 Sample: Sunday night meet and greet.
19 Mar 2017 Sample: Kayaking & picnic. South Beach
18 Mar 2017 Sample: Co-ed Cardio Soccer kick around. Just for fun
11 Mar 2017 Sample: Learn to sail.
27 Feb 2017 Investing in a start up. Rewarding without doing the work
22 Feb 2017 Stand up Speed Networking
11 Feb 2017 Sample: Beach volleyball, sunset and champagne
09 Feb 2017 Sample: Wine tasting social mixer
05 Feb 2017 Sample: Beach party, sunset and champagne
04 Feb 2017 Group get away Club Med Turks Caicos
14 Jan 2017 Round Robin Tennis Social Beginner. Just for fun. Boynton
18 Dec 2016 Sample: Urban bike ride/roller skating get together. FLL
28 Nov 2016 Business partners & Co-Founders needed
31 Oct 2016 Get text reminders for networking events
30 Oct 2016 Sample: Kayaking & picnic. South Beach
29 Oct 2016 Sample: Learn to sail.
26 Oct 2016 Sample: Movie and conversation
22 Oct 2016 Sample: Speed Friending in the park
21 Oct 2016 Sample: Sexy Social mixer and Scavenger hunt. FREE VIP event.
20 Oct 2016 Sample: Exclusive Power networking. Red carpet event
10 Oct 2016 Social butterfly/Promoter
08 Oct 2016 Sampl: Horseback riding
24 Sep 2016 Tennis Players and ambassadors needed
18 Sep 2016 Sunset cruise. Complimentary champagne
07 Sep 2016 Sample: Networking dinner. A free networking event
24 Aug 2016 Join the priority text message list
02 Jul 2016 Speed Friending on the beach. The art of conversation.
16 Apr 2016 Focus group. Get a FREE VIP membership
13 Mar 2016 Brunch Cruise
04 Mar 2016 Exclusive Power networking. Red carpet event
25 Feb 2016 Wine tasting social mixer
24 Feb 2016 Adult Golf Clinic
23 Jan 2016 Intro to Archery
13 Dec 2015 Sunday night meet and greet.
13 Dec 2015 Speed Friending in the park
19 Nov 2015 After work networking & social mixer
12 Sep 2015 Punta Cana group get away
27 Aug 2015 After work Power Networking
18 Jun 2015 The, " I need a wingman/woman" ice breaker
01 Feb 2015 Super Bowl party, Member Meet & Greet. A don't miss event
20 Oct 2014 Focus group. Get a FREE VIP membership/Photo shoot
09 Oct 2014 Face to Face Speed Networking. Complimentary wine tasting
09 Sep 2014 Face to Face Speed Networking. Complimentary wine tasting
03 Sep 2014 Facebook Marketing secrets webinar
13 Jul 2014 Fishing trip
09 Jul 2014 Trivia Night Two Georges
02 Jul 2014 The, " I need a wingman/woman" ice breaker
18 Jun 2014 4 night Amsterdam group get away
31 May 2014 Lock & Key Singles event
17 May 2014 Speed Friending in the park
23 Apr 2014 Face to Face Speed Networking. Complimentary wine tasting
20 Feb 2014 After work networking
20 Feb 2014 Cabo San Lucas group get away.
04 Feb 2014 Outrageous Success Night - Build Your Business, Build Your Wealth
28 Jan 2014 After work networking
25 Jan 2014 Dinner with friends
21 Jan 2014 Sample: Bowling night social mixer and best shirt contest
10 Jan 2014 After work networking
06 Jan 2014 After work networking mixer
16 Nov 2013 Coral Castle tour
15 Oct 2013 Coffee, conversations and networking. W. Palm
08 Oct 2013 After work social mixer
29 Sep 2013 Focus group. Get a FREE VIP membership/Photo shoot
25 Sep 2013 Pitch, learn & Networking business Mixer.
15 Sep 2013 Speed Friending in the park
11 Sep 2013 Free wealth seminar
04 Sep 2013 After work social mixer
29 Aug 2013 After work networking mixer
31 Jul 2013 Power pitch, investment opportunity and wine tasting
20 Jun 2013 Live music cruise. Delray Beach
08 Jun 2013 Pitch, learn & Networking business Mixer. Ft. Lauderdale
29 Apr 2013 Power networking! Meet all attendees. Everybody wins.
16 Mar 2013 Lock & Key Singles event

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