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Welcome to Meet Me There Events. Your one stop calendar for fun and exciting events. We plan, organize and host a combination of Networking and social events. Something for everyone. Below you will see a sample calendar of past and upcoming events. We are always updating our events calendar with new, fun and exciting things to do as a group. 

At our events, there is always a host for you to check in with. Our host will go out of their way to make your participation as enjoyable as possible.

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Find All the Excitement You Need with the Best Things to Do In South Florida
Meet Me There Events brings you an array of fun things to do in South Florida. If you are too busy with your professional life to take part in South Florida’s activities, allow us to arrange it for you. You will not be disappointed.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017February
Feb 05 Sample: Beach party, sunset and champagne
Feb 22 Stand up Speed Networking
Feb 27 Investing in a start up. Rewarding without doing the work
Mar 11 Lunch with friends
Mar 19 Rotating Lunch. Meet new friends
Mar 21 Movie and conversation
Apr 04 The, " I need a wingman/woman" group.
Apr 08 Learn to play Volleyball.
Apr 12 Sample: Face to Face Speed Networking.
Apr 15 Co-ed Cardio Soccer kick around. Just for fun
Apr 26 Sample: Exclusive Power networking. Red carpet event
Apr 26 Sample: Wine tasting social mixer
Apr 27 Sample: The, " I need a wingman/woman" ice breaker
Apr 27 Sample: Roller Skating! Flashback Thursdays
Apr 29 Let's talk. The friends forum
Apr 30 Sample: Co-ed Cardio Soccer kick around. Just for fun
May 04 Business partners & Co-Founders needed
May 04 Sample: After work social mixer
May 16 VIP Dinner night
May 17 After work networking & social mixer
May 18 Sample: Scavenger Hunt Express (1 hour) Win $150
May 18 Sample: Dinner with friends
May 20 Sample: Flying Trapeze Class
May 21 Sample: Beach volleyball, sunset and champagne
May 22 Sample: Movie and conversation
May 23 Sample: Networking dinner. A free networking event
May 26 Focus group. Get a FREE VIP membership
May 27 Sample: Learn to sail.
May 27 Sample: Rotating Lunch. Meet new friends
May 28 Sample: Brunch Cruise
May 28 Sample: Sunday night meet and greet.
May 29 Get text reminders for networking events
May 30 Sample: Bowling night social mixer and best shirt contest
Jun 05 Face to Face Speed Networking. FREE event!
Jun 06 After work networking & social mixer
Jun 10 Sample: Kayaking & picnic. South Beach
Jun 17 Sample: Comedy Night at the Improv
Jun 21 After work networking & social mixer
Sep 16 Group get away Club Med Turks Caicos

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